Monday, November 15, 2010

She's My Everything :)

First time I saw you , you seemed like a very gorgeous fairy in front of my eyes , you have opened my heart to fall in love again , but I'm afraid to confess to you because im afraid you cant accept me , until one day you asked me to be honest to you , and 10.10.10 at 2243 o'clock is the best moment to me , its means everthings to me , i really appreaciate what you have did to me , you caring me , loving me , understand me , i love your laugh , i love when you singing to me , i cant sleep if i  didnt hear your voice even once day . Even  there are a million stars and a million dreams, but you are the only star for me, the
only dream i dream , ILOVEYOUSOFUCKINDAMNMUCH AMELIA SOFEA ! ! PLS dun disturb our relation , we happy together okee :)

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